Two Years Exemption Award for McCanny Secondary School from Ontario Ministry of Education in 2017

Great news for McCanny Secondary School: obtaining two years exemption award from Ontario Ministry of Education. McCanny Secondary School went through strict review and appraisal from Ontario Ministry of Education on March 7th, 2017. Usually, a private school can only get one-year exemption from Ontario Ministry of Education. However, after reviewing the school, inspectors from Ontario Ministry of Education were extremely satisfied with the faculty team, the teaching environment, the teaching content and the teaching result. Therefore, they gave two-year exemption for McCanny Secondary School.

McCanny Secondary School is registered in Ontario Ministry of Education (registration approval number: 669808), went through strict review and appraisal. It can issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), International High School course credits, University preparatory course credit, and University Preparation.

McCanny Secondary School offers Ontario high school credit courses from grade 9 to grade 12, college preparatory curriculum, SAT and AP courses. All high school grades will preselect directly to OUAC. McCanny Secondary School’s credit courses are recognized in Canada and the United States well-known universities. Full credit students will get the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) which can be recognized all over the world. McCanny Secondary School obtained two years exemption award from Ontario Ministry of Education.

Albert Einstein once said:” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. McCanny Secondary School not only provides Ontario High School curriculum and college preparatory courses but also provides a unique learning system. It uses this unique learning system to awaken joy in creative expression and the pleasure of learning so that students will be fully developed learning system. While students’ grades are improving, their learning methods and learning attitudes are improving as well. This fundamentally makes your children willing to learn and love to learn, which will eventually lead your children to be a talent in the society.

McCanny Secondary School faculty team filled with senior education consultants and experienced teachers, all of the teachers are registered teachers (OCT-Ontario Certify Teacher) by the Ontario Department of Education. 98% of our faculty team members are masters or doctoral degree, and many of them are experts with more than 20 years of educational experience in teaching.

Our faculty team is an outstanding teacher group not only reflects the high level of teachers but also reflects the passion for teaching and love to students. Students at our college will feel relaxed in both body and mind, teachers will accord students’ actual situations and characteristics to choose the appropriate teaching methods. The appropriate teaching methods will encourage students to enhance their self-confidence and fully express their potential, enable students to find themselves in constant progress, and their learning skills continue to increase. Ultimately enable students to be succeeded, and successfully enter the North America brand-name universities.

In the future, McCanny Secondary School will make persistent efforts to develop more talents for the society with superior teaching quality and teaching philosophy.

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