Welcome To McCanny!

McCanny Secondary School is whole year-round private school inspected by Ontario Ministry of Education (BSID #669808) and granted Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits to Grades 9– 12 students each year. McCanny’s students learn to be passionate, dedicated and eager to achieve understanding in every course. From university English to math, history, art programs, and dance classes, our students can express themselves while gaining the optimal knowledge for their future studies. A school dedicated to preparing students for post-secondary prestigious studies.

With our teacher to students ratio being 1:5, we are able to focus on each student and their specific learning path. We teach students according to their aptitude and value their personality development, which are the reasons we have guided a lot of students to their dream schools. 80% of McCanny teachers are OCT certified and have extensive teaching experience. We are proud that 98%of our teachers have Master Degrees and some are Ph.D.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide students with exceptional support to pursue an outstanding post-secondary program. With our staff having 30+ years of experience we’ve seen students succeed. Our English and arts programs also give students the chance to exceed both academically and creatively. We take into consideration students’ personalities, interests, and future careers. With our experienced counsellours, students’ performance is regularly evaluated with valuable feedback for constant improvement.

Our Campuses

McCanny Secondary School Toronto campus

Situated in the safest neighbourhood in Toronto, McNicoll Campus is the brain and spirit of McCanny Secondary School. With nearly zero crime rate in the past year, this quiet and academic neighbourhood is the best place for students to plan and achieve their University dreams.

McCanny Secondary School Sussex

McCanny’s West campus is in Downtown Mississauga, is just 5 minutes to the biggest shopping center: Square One.  Mississauga is a region that welcomes cultural diversity and values innovation. McCanny branches out to the region, to expose our students to updated educational facilities and pedagogy.

Learning Environment

School Service For International Students

McCanny Secondary School VISA services
Visa/Permit Services

To guaranty students’ legal identity and the right to access public services, McCanny helps students with their legal document applications and renewal. Our service includes applying for Study Permit, Entry Visa, the U.S. Visa, Work Permit, etc.

McCanny Secondary School homestay
Facilitating Homestay

Selecting the right homestay family is the first step for a healthy studying and living experience in Canada. We build trust working with homestay families through the years, and ensure students a safe and quality everyday experiences.

McCanny Secondary School Teaching consultant
Learning Counsellor

McCanny believes every student is special in their own way. This value reflects in our wide range of course selection and one-on-one counseling for each student. Counselors evaluate students’ performance, and constantly providing feedback based on students’ growth.

McCanny Secondary School cultural experience
Cultural Experience

School-led activities include participating in the local festivals, cultural celebrations, classical theatres, etc. McCanny pays attention to the wholesomeness of students’ development from intelligence, emotional, and social skills.

McCanny Secondary School Physical activity
Physical Activities

McCanny wants students to grow both mentally and physically, so as part of the school service we provide each student with a gym membership. Beyond that, students can enjoy Ping Pong, and dancing on campus.

Campus Life